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Clivia miniata citrina
Worsleya (blue Amaryllis)
Worsleya (blue Amaryllis)
Ceropegia ampliata
Ceropegia ampliata
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Alphabetical list of flowers, photos and prices

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Bulbs and plants are available from January to April. Some plants are difficult to export and are sold in South Africa only. Whole sale prices on request.

Please note that the plants shown in the photo galleries are not always on stock, check prices or the list of available plants for availability.
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Name Description, month available Price per plant
(minimum quantity 10)
Amaryllidaceae Photo gallery   
Azalea mollis Deciduous shrub, shades of yellow and soft orange, heat tolerant form, grows well in semi shade, spring flowering Available in South Africa only, price on request
Babiana hybrids Mature spring flowering bulb, Blue flowers. 1 - 4 coming soon
Ceropegia ampullata See also unusual flowers. Leafless climber with showy green and white bottle flowers. 1-12 0.95

Clivia Description, month available Price per plant
Clivia plants All plants flowering size      Photo galleries with prices and descriptions  
Clivia miniata citrina Standard yellow Clivia, open flowers  1 - 12 10.00
Clivia miniata citrina 'New Dawn', Broad pedals, 4 year old selection , 1 - 12 15.00
Clivia miniata citrina 'Butterball', dark yellow flowers, 4 year old selection 40.00
Clivia Seeds  
Clivia pastels: Pastel Clivias tend to be unstable, so considerable variation is possible. 5 Seeds for 4.00
C. 'Lana' Medium size, broad petal flowers 5 Seeds for 5.00
C. 'Ona' Large open flowers with large petals and large flower heads 5 Seeds for 6.00
C. 'Shona' Open star, large flowers 5 Seeds for 6.00
C. 'Ada' Open star flower, medium size 5 Seeds for 6.00
Clivia miniata red: Clivia miniata red to dark orange. Very dark orange to red flowers can be expected. 5 seeds for 6.00 
C. 'Red Tulip' Heads with upright tulip shaped flowers 3 seeds for 5.00
C. 'Sangria' Wine red with yellow center 3 seeds for 5.00
'Flame'   3 seeds for 5.00
'Tuba'   3 seeds for 5.00
Clivia miniata citrina    
Standard yellow Clivia Full heads of open flowers 5 seeds for 2.00
C. 'New Dawn' vigorous free flowering selection, very reliable 3 seeds for 6.00
C. 'Butterball' deep yellow flowers 3 seeds for 6.00
C. 'Sunrise' Large bright yellow open flowers on strong plants 3 seeds for 8.00
C. 'Supreme' Large broad petal, dark yellow flowers, broadleaved 3 seeds for 10.00
C. 'Butterbaby' Dark yellow flowers on a more dwarf compact plant 3 seeds for 8.00
'Limone' light yellow flowers with green stripes 3 Seeds 8.00
Snowball Series near white flowers  
C. 'Early Snow' Wide open, starry, near white flowers, medium size 3 seeds for 6.00
C. 'Snowcap' Broad petal, open flowers, medium size flower heads 3 seeds for 10.00
C. 'Snowflake' Large flowers on large flower heads 3 seeds for 10.00
Clivia Tulip Series many different colours Coming soon
Clivia variegata 'Rubida' red flowers, leaves with broad white stripes 3 seeds for 12.00
Clivia variegata 'Lutea' yellow flowers, leaves with white stripes 3 seeds for 12.00
Clivia variegata 'Blanca' white flowers with lemon yellow stripe 3 seeds for 12.00

Name Description, month available Price per plant (minimum quantity 10)
Geissorhiza monanthos flowers dark blue-violet with pale red or yellow center 0.45
Geissorhiza radians Wine cups. Small winter growing bulbs. Spring 1 - 4 0.45
Geissorhiza splendidissima Large blue flowers with dark eye. Spring 1 - 4 0.35
G. tulbaghensis Small plants with large white flowers & dark eye. Spring 1 - 4 0.35
Gladiolus alatus Rare miniature with fragrant flowers.15 cm tall. Spring 2. photo 0.60
Gladiolus carneus A showy form of selected painted lady. 40cm tall. Spring 0.25
Hyacinthaceae Photo gallery   
Name Description, month available Price per plant (minimum quantity 10)
Iridaceae Photo gallery  
Iris ensata Largest of any iris. Spring to summer. White & blue. 6 - 8 0.90
Ixia viridiflora Rare. Tall stems, turquoise flowers 1 - 4 0.60
Jovellana sinclairii small shrub, about 60 cm tall, evergreen, spring and summer flowering, needs a cool shaded spot like a clivia 0.50
Lapageria rosea, Peruvian Bell small climber, large bells shades of pink , very scarce 2.90
Moraea aristata White with blue markings. Bulbs- 1 - 4
(See also Coming soon)
Moraea neopavonia Orange flowers with dark nectar guides. Spring 0.45
Moraea villosa Blue with dark nectar guides. Butterfly iris. 1 - 4 0.25
Narcissus bulbicodium Hoop petticote narcissus. 1 - 4 0.25


Name Description and Month available Price per bulb
Oxalis see photo Gallery of 18 species   
O. cathara Rare. Large robust sp. Large white flowers. 1 - 4 0.40
O. compressa Compact rosette double yellow flower 1 - 4 0.30
O. dentata Free flowering, yellow. Clover leaf. 1 - 4 0.20
O. glabra Free flowering, medium size showy pink flowers. Plants and bulbs small. 1 - 4 0.10
O. purpurea Large pink flower, through winter and spring, edible in small amounts. Clover leaf. 1 - 4 0.29
O. purpurea alba Large white flower. 1 - 4 0.29
O. purpurea purpurata Dark pink flower. Rosette. Dark purple leaf. 1 - 4 0.25
O. tomentosa Leaf with double set of leaflets. White flower. 1 - 4 Coming soon
Oxalis: South American species      
O. braziliensis Clover leaf. Large showy pink flower. 1 - 4 0.10
O. quadrangularis 4 leaf clover, green leaf with dark centre. Pink flower. Good luck plant. 1 - 4 0.8
O. magnifica Dark pink flowers, large showy leaf, 1 - 4 0.8
Paramangea weber bowerii Peru Daffodil, very rare, spectacular large yellow flowers 35
Rare Pelargoniums Unusual flowers photo gallery coming soon
Rhododendron javonicum Vireya, very showy species from Java, free flowering, heat loving, frost tender, approx. 1 m tall per 10 cuttings 6.00
Scadoxus membranaceus African Paintbrush. Flowering sized plants, shade loving, evergreen, summer flowering with berries borne in winter. 4 - 10 4.90
Sobralia macrantha See also unusual flowers.
Bamboo orchid. Large mauve flowers.
1 - 10
South Africa only
Streptocarpus Large flowered selection coming soon
Tritonia securigera Small ssp. salmon flowers, spring. 1 - 4 0.10
Tritonia squalida Compact orange flower. Showy, spring.
1 - 4
Unusual flowers Photo gallery up
Worsleya Blue Amaryllis. Rare, magnificent, South Brazil Coming soon
Zephyrantus ajax Beautiful small flowering amaryllid. Large white flowers through summer. 1 - 8 0.40

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